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What is one, and how do you include one in your ceremony?

Maybe you’ve got Scottish blood, maybe you’ve seen one of these at a wedding you’ve attended, or maybe you’re of the ‘A what now?’ camp.

Let’s break it down for you.

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A quaich is a Scottish two-handled cup, which was traditionally offered by hosts when guests came into their home. The host and the guest would drink from the same cup, ensuring that the drink was not poisoned, and the two handles meant that the guest could not hold onto a weapon whilst drinking.  Genius, right?!

Back in the very olden days, in 1589, King James VI gifted a Quaich to his bride, Anne of Denmark, and all of a sudden, Quaich’s at weddings very the newest trend on the wedding market.


Now, trying to pronounce ‘Quaich’ can be a bit tricky to get your mouth around if it’s a word you’re unfamiliar with. 

There’s an audio file on this page which will help you, but basically, it sounds like this… ‘Kwaque’.

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You may wish to incorporate a quaich into your wedding. This can symbolise the couple (and their family) becoming one. Some couples use Scotch Whiskey, others pour two types of liquor into the one cup – again, symbolizing two becoming one. 

Sometimes it will be only the couple who sip from the cup, and sometimes it may included family members, in particular, parents of the couple.

You can also incorporate family or friends by inviting someone to pour the whiskey, and another person to do an explanation of the quaich, or a reading.  

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Firstly, if you have Scottish heritage, check and see if there’s one in the family.  These are often given as christening presents, so there may be one already in possession.

If not, and you wish to purchase one, there are shops on-line which sell these, including St Kilda Retail, or Etsy.

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