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Hi, I’m Roxy, a dog-loving, wine-sipping authorised marriage celebrant based in Brisbane. I travel and deliver wedding ceremonies in south-east Queensland, northern New South Wales and beyond.

I’ve been trying hard to think of a way to encapsulate my celebrant vibe which is a bit more sexy than ‘authentic’, but as hard as I try, ‘authentic’ nails it.

There’s so little we have to do in a wedding ceremony. The legal wording is less than a hundred words, so this only make a really small component of your day. This allows loads of room to get creative in developing something which results in a ceremony that is engaging, fun, genuine, and totally you.

I believe that everything in a ceremony should have a purpose, a meaning, a realness.  That’s why I work closely with couples in planning their ceremony.  If we get that authenticity right, the ceremony will be a highlight – rather than something to be endured to get to the fun bit – of the day.

There’s a number of careers which have helped shape me into the celebrant I am today. These include music journalist (check out my blog for a flavour of my writing) and Project Manager (I’m super organised).

My celebrant delivery style is warm and inclusive, and hopefully you and your guests will feel the warm and fuzzies. I write and conduct ceremonies which have a healthy dose of humour and a laid-back feel. The result is a ceremony which feels genuine, relaxed and engaging.

I love a microphone and can talk in public without getting the collywobbles. I’m a calming and organised presence, there to support you and facilitate your perfect ceremony. And I promise… your ceremony will never be boring.