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What we Offer

Aside from great butts and a killer sense of humour?

Not much.

We kid. We actually have a lot of bang for each membership to The Wedding Society. Not convinced? Check it out for yourself…

The Wedding Society

The Wedding Society is our online vendor directory. Anyone who provides a kickass service or product to marrying couples can create a listing and advertise with us! Click the logo above to find out more.

The Celebrant Society

The Celebrant Society is our professional association membership for registered celebrants. TCS members get a free directory listing (TWS Listing) with each membership! Scroll down to see all inclusions.

The Celebrant Society


Innovative Learning

You have access to regular webinars, eBooks, sessions, activities and packages as a part of your membership to help expand your mind and grow your business. We cover everything from website design to social media, accounting, contracts, SEO, wellness, creativity, upcoming trends and self-care. Every month we provide new resources for you to feast your brain on.

Virtual Water Cooler

Our Society Facebook Forums are a sanctuary for members to take a break from their virtual offices and have a chat, crack a bad joke or whinge about their procrastination without judgement. Well, with minimal judgement.

Client Directory

Our members get a $295 credit (that’s a FREE Essential Listing!) in our Wedding Directory, where hundreds of awesome couples search for legendary wedding professionals in their area. Each member has their own sexy directory listing where you can share multiple photos, banter, contact details and assorted bribery to any potential couples.

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance

As part of The Celebrant Society membership, celebrants are covered under our group PL & PI Insurance. You can find out more about our cover right here.  Our insurance does not cover you for drinking too much of Uncle Charlie’s home-brew and doing a backflip into the half-drained pool. That’s on you, mate.

An Answer To Every Question

We provide direct, accurate, professional and discreet support to our members through phone call, email or text for anyone wanting discreet and private help. We also provide poorly worded relationship advice, inaccurate predictions for Lotto numbers, and medical ointments for that rash.

Annual Conferences

Our conferences have been going gangbusters for almost a decade now, with attendees cramming their brains full of juicy business growing goodness. We deliver a mix of in-person and online events, so nobody has to miss out and everyone can soak up the business-boosting content in whichever way they learn best!

Member Events

For those who love the networking component of conferences, fear not! We try to keep the learning informative and the social bits social, so we also offer various in-person gatherings throughout the year! Our in-person events focus on fun, photoshoots, friendships, and fine-tuning specific skills – there’s a destination and theme to suit everyone’s unique personalities!

Government Representative

We visit with the Attorney General’s Department twice annually.  At these meetings we help to effect changes to laws, regulations, and professional Codes of Conduct regarding marriage in Australia. What  we aren’t allowed to do is try to high-five them and ask them around for pizza and a game of Cards Against Humanity, apparently.

A Gaggle of Mates

If you want to expand your social relationships within your field of expertise, we got ya covered, friend. We host major social events throughout the year, while our members often get together for various informal shenanigans to form bonds and create lifelong friendships with their industry colleagues. Members drink Fireball shots at their own risk.




(minimum 10 months)

$39 incl. GST (monthly)


(12 months from date of joining)

$395 incl. GST

If you fit our Membership Criteria then we’d LURVE for you to

From time to time we close off memberships to one or both of our societies to ensure that they grow at a sustainable pace that preserves the close-knit community spirit.

Not a celebrant?  No probs!  You can advertise with The Wedding Society through our directory.

Chuck a smile on your dial and click here to find out more.

And to show you we’re serious about the value…

We created a 36-page eBook to spring clean your business and right now we want to gift it as a bonus to anyone who who signs up to a membership.

This eBook is a taster of the business-boosting content provided to members on the reg and will be available in your Member Area.

Sign up now to instantly download your copy...



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