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Just Married... Now What??

Congrats on doing the deed!! Now that it’s all signed, sealed and delivered, one or both of you might be looking to change your name. Yikes, you ready for that task??

Click here for a list of places that you’ll need to apply to change your name. 

It’s okay, friend. There’s actually a super simple way to tackle this task. 

Easy Name Change have managed to make the process quick and easy, by helping you to generate and autofill all the necessary forms, which can save you up to 8 hours of (pretty boring) work.

To make this process as simple and easy as possible, check out Easy Name Change here.

We Care.

We are considerate of the environmental impact of our online deliveries and deal with carbon neutral affiliates.
Where possible, we encourage a paperless office and suggest any downloads or notes you use in your wedding planning to be paperless. Thanks, friends.