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Our Team

We have an amazing team of leaders who guide and support their local cohort of members as well as the rest of our incredible community.

Johanna Kate

Co-Founder & Director
Johanna is the person you want in your corner if the s*** is hitting the fan. She'll catch it, clean it up and turn it into a nice little piece of artwork for you to hang on the wall as a trophy.

Sarah May Alexander

Co-Founder & Director
Sarah is like popping a bottle of champagne after you've shaken the crap out of it - a hell of a surprise that always ends in laughter, a bunch of fun and a 50% chance that you'll need to change your pants.

Roxy Hotten

QLD Local Leader

Roxy is Queensland's go-to TCS Representative. She is a celebrant trainer and mentor for studying and practicing celebrants across Australia.

Dee Wild

VIC Local Leader

Dee is Victoria's go-to TCS Representative. She is a party starter and amazing cheerleader for the wedding community.

Victoria Armstrong

NSW Local Leader

Victoria is a strong and empathetic guide for our NSW crew, always up for a good chat and a new idea about how to make our community thrive.

Riz Rosal

Chief Multitasker & Good Vibe Manager
Riz is our systems fairy, the one who organises us to within an inch of our lives. She will also help you with any membership or website related queries. Loves her kids, her dogs, and her super cute new kitten.

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