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Branding and Bonding Workshop

When a bunch of Celebrants build each other up…

I recently organised a Branding and Bonding Workshop for The Celebrant Society which included:

  • Branding Basics presentation
  • Charcutterie and champagne
  • Headshots
  • Bonding and networking

As any celebrant knows, being one can be a lonely business.  Despite the social aspect of delivering our work, the majority of our business is behind the scenes, with loads of administration, writing, marketing, paperwork, etc.  So when we get a chance to get-together, I know I jump at the chance.  There’s so much we can learn from each other!

Branding Basics Presentation

I love marketing, social media, branding, and all visual and creative aspects to celebrancy, so I developed a basic branding presentation, using an example of marketing water to get across the point that all celebrants have different markets, and it’s how we brand ourselves to help our couples understand whether we’re the celebrant for them.


Kirsty from Wildflower Weddings was our photographer for the day.  I’ve been using Kirsty for my headshots for years, as well as working with her on a bunch of weddings.  She is amazing – she has this fabulous ability of getting the best of out people by just being nice, kind and bubbly.  And look at the results…


I think you can get a vibe of the above celebrants just from these headshots alone.

L-R – Louise Vincent, Karen Balbi, Fiona Grace, Lins Simpson, and Nikki Bowden.


Whilst the celebrants went off to get their photos taken, often taking a buddy with them to help them get comfy, the rest of the participants bonding over drinks and nibbles, all served at The Black, a fabulous event space in the heart of Albion, Brisbane. 

One thing I’ve really noticed with a lot of networking events is that new-comers can feel a little nervous entering a room. I, myself, come across as pretty confident, but I get the heebie-jeebies when it comes to networking in a new environment.  However, you can guarantee that our Queensland members are the friendliest bunch, and for the new-comers, they were greeted so warmly and became all our new best friend immediately.

Want to join us?

Become a The Celebrant Society member today.  You CAN sit with us, and you can guarantee support from a bunch of incredible celebrants.  I mean – just look at those faces! 

Love, Roxy Hotten, Celebrant and Queensland Local Leader for The Celebrant Society

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Branding and Bonding Workshop