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We’re not going to lie to you and pretend that planning a wedding doesn’t come with some stresses.  Even the most organised couples, or the most low-key of wedding, can come with some moments where the thought ‘What are we doing?! Why didn’t we elope!’ goes through the mind.

With a few handy tips, you can have a wedding of your dreams without any nightmares.


Know Your Limitations

Wedding planning can be a LOT!  There are many different elements to it, and lots of balls that need to be juggled to make everything come together.  You may think ‘I like doing craft, so I’ll do my own décor.  And I can bake, so I’ll make my own cake.  Also, surely flower arranging isn’t that tricky? I might as well give that a go.’

Now, assuming you don’t bring all these elements together on a regular basis, we can pretty much guaranteed that if you do go down this route, there’ll be a moment when you’ll think ‘Why didn’t I take note of that The Wedding Society blog post about a stress-free wedding?  We’ve seen couples who are so stressed on their wedding day because they’ve had too much on their plate that they’re unable to actually enjoy the day.

So, this leads to our second bit of advice…


Pay for professionals

We know that weddings are expensive, and we understand that you might want to cut corners where possible.  However, we also know that paying for the best professionals you can afford will result in your day being that little bit less stressful.   Experienced, professional vendors will take control of situations if anything goes a bit pear-shaped, so much so that often you won’t even know that anything went wrong.  

A venue which hosts weddings regularly will be on the ball when it comes to timings, planning, etc. A photographer who has worked at a lot of weddings will know the order of things, and will be in place for the first kiss shot, the first dance, etc.  Do you research, and find vendors who you can feel you can trust, and ask them for advice.  


If You’re Doing DIY, Take This One Piece of Advice

An on-the-day coordinator will be worth their weight in gold.  They will liaise with all the suppliers, and make sure the time-frame is adhered to, taking pressure off yourself or the host of the home where your DIY wedding is taking place.

We know of situations where the caterers haven’t arrived, and no-one (apart from the bride) knew who they were or how to get hold of them.  We know of situations where the couple arrived, only for their guests to still be mingling around, unprepared for the start of the ceremony, as no-one was informed they were on their way. 

You might have a family member who is happy to take control of all of this, but trust us when we say that they will thank you for this task to be handed to a coordinator so they can enjoy the day too.

Be Brave.  Be Strong.

Probably a good mantra for life in general, and being brave and strong can be easier said than done.  Often the stresses of a wedding come from external forces, such as ‘well-meaning’ friends and family, and at times you may find the stress comes from trying to please everyone. It can be hard to stick to what you want, rather than trying to please others, but have a chat to your partner about what are your non-negotiable, and make sure that you both are in agreement of what is important.  If you face challenges, try to respond with ‘I hear your opinion, but [partner] and I have already discussed this and are in agreement that this is what we want’.  

Don’t forget that some guests may not have been to a wedding in a long time, and may feel that some of your ideas ‘Aren’t traditional’ without realising that a lot of traditions have a more modern take on them.  However, if you do a wedding which is genuinely, authentically you, they will see and feel that on the day, and realise why you’ve made those choices. 


Hate the Thought of a Big Wedding?

You don’t have to have one. Read that again, slowly.  You. Don’t. Have. To. Have. One.  

Elopements, micro-weddings: there’s always other options, and whether you want it to be just the two of you with your two witnesses and a celebrant, with no reception, or something small with a long lunch afterwards, there’s always ways of doing it that will feel right for you.  

Did You Have a Stress-Free Wedding? 

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Roxy is a dog-loving, wine-sipping, vintage-hunting Celebrant, and the Queensland Local Leader for The Celebrant Society.
Having started her celebrant career in 2011 in the UK, where she lived for 26 years, Roxy has a hybrid London/Australian accent that confuses almost everyone she meets (‘Are you New Zealander?’). She lives on the northside of Brisbane with her yeasty-smelling rescue-Staff X, Valentine Mc Farty. In her spare time, you can find Roxy out on her bicycle, scouring op-shops for vintage bargains, down her local bowls club where she hosts a trivia night, or hanging out in her garden, trying hard not to kill anything.