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“Our celebrant lunch was so much fun and I would absolutely love to do more of these!” 

Lisa Newman

To celebrate 50 years of Celebrancy in Australia, our Local Leader, Dee organised lunch with a fabulous group of Melbourne based celebrants. 

Lisa, Sally and Rita. Ladies that Lunch at a Celebrants CatchUp.


The venue, was the iconic and very popular, Post Office Hotel in Coburg. 

The setting, a delicious lunch with a chance to mingle over a glass of bubbles. Meeting new celebrants and catching up with old friends. 

These events offer us celebrants a rare chance to gather, meet in person, compare stories and get to know each other. 

Being a sole trader and often, the wedding vendor who leaves the wedding first, it can be an isolating experience. 

Is any Melbourne TCS gathering complete without our Local Leader gifting everyone a Zee Scott Wagon Wheels? We think not!


Sometimes, we need the ‘Office Staffroom’ to chat, throw around ideas, share advice and dance with abandon in an empty car park on a roof top! 

Ok, that last one might be Celebrant specific. 

Dee invited one of her favourite local photographers, Nikki McCrone along for lunch and capture those Insta Famous Post Office Hotel photos! 

Think of it as an extra-large Wedding Party, in fabulous mismatched outfits and no one actually getting married. 

With her portable speaker attached to her hip, Nikki had our celebrants dancing and laughing so much that we were all completely comfortable in the front of the camera.

Our Victorian celebrants catching up over lunch at the Post Office Hotel.


As Aleks said, “what a bloody incredible idea to have a photo shoot as part of the lunch. Really loved it.” 

When you add the obligatory and celebratory popping of the Prosecco bottle, well, the photos speak for themselves really! 

This was SUCH a fun day. 

A great group of likeminded celebrants, most of whom were meeting each other for the first time. 


I’m pretty sure that this event will be held again. Sooner rather than later! 

As let’s hope that Dee brings her fabulous custom-made Tinsel Jacket along!


From Dee,

Thank you to the lovely celebrants who came to our Post Office Hotel lunch. I left the lunch with a definite spring in my step from our conversations and laughs. 

The photos are fabulous and I love seeing them pop up in my Instagram feeds. We will definitely do this again, and yes, I will bring the Tinsel Jacket! 

No greater trio than Zee Scott, sequins and Prosecco! Especially when you add photographer and dance party starter, Nikki McCrone Photographer into the mix!
Alyce Bailey sparkling with Disco Balls and her radiant smile atop The Post Office Hotel
‘Strike a Pose’ Wed By Claire being captured by Nikki McCrone photography with a cheer squad of fellow TCS Members
Celebrant Kelly Evans in her shimmering goodness at our TCS Lunch at The Post Office Hotel
Impromptu dance parties are the best type of dance parties! Just ask our TCS Members Hailey and Liz!
No better friendship than a Celebrant Friendship! Just ask our lovely TCS members Maureen and Lisa!
Any day now this resplendent Mama is going to give birth! Before then, she was glowing in Tinsel at TCS Lunch at The Post Office Hotel
It was truly all smiles and laughs and dance moves at our recent TCS lunch


Venue : Post Office Hotel

Photographer : Nikki McCrone

Giftbag Wagon Wheels : Zee Scott

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Author Bio

Dee Wild

Dee Wild is a member of the queer community, a maker of dresses and a lover of Prosecco.
Dee is also a Melbourne based Marriage Celebrant and a Local Leader for The Celebrant Society for the state of Victoria.

Melbourne’s northern suburbs are where she calls home, with her lovely English partner and two rather large dogs. When not hanging out with her couples in local bars, creating ceremonies and helping loved up couples get married, Dee loves exploring local cafes, handmade markets, vintage stores, restaurants and craft beer establishments.