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You’re engaged! Whoop whoop!

Did you know that the only vendor you absolutely need at your wedding is someone who is legally able to marry you? All the rest… well, they’re lovely to have, but really, when you think about it, your celebrant is kinda the most important part of the day, because without them, you can’t actually get married.

So, you’ve seen a few you like on-line, and now you’re going to meet with them.
What questions should you ask?


Aren’t all celebrants the same?
There’s over 9,000 registered civil celebrants in Australia, and we all work in very different ways, are as different as can be. Consequently, the way we work may not
resonate with you. Below are some questions which will help you in the choosing of your Celebrant.

Are you available on my date?
Sounds obvious, but when contacting a celebrant, make sure you ask them whether
they’re available on the date you’ve chosen. And if you know the time and location of the ceremony, that’s even better!

Will I see a draft of my ceremony beforehand?
Some Celebrants write their ceremony in advance and send in its entirety to you, with the option to edit.

Some will write the ceremony the day before and leave it a surprise for you.

Some will give you the option as to whether you see it or not.

Do you include a rehearsal?
Marriage celebrants will provide you with guidance on whether a rehearsal is needed or appropriate. Some Celebrants will charge extra for this, and some will include it in their
package. Some will only offer to do this at their home, others are happy to travel to the wedding venue.

What happens if you can’t do my ceremony on the day?
Check to see what your Celebrant’s back-up plan is and what process they use to find a new Celebrant for you.
Most members of The Celebrant Society will reach out to other members to find a
replacement Celebrant. We all help each other out during times of illness or for any
other reasons.

When are payments due?
Let’s face it… weddings are expensive! Most celebrants will ask for a non-refundable booking fee upfront to hold your date, with the remainder due sometime before the
ceremony date.

Will you control the music during my ceremony, or do I need to nominate someone else to do this?
This depends. Some celebrants are happy to control the music during the ceremony, and some prefer not to.  Some venues will look after it on your behalf, and some won’t. It’s always worth asking this question so you can nominate a friend or family member to do it if neither the celebrant or venue will look after it.

And our tip: ask someone who is tech savvy!

Want to find the perfect vendors to help create your dream wedding?

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Author Bio

Roxy Hotten

Roxy is a dog-loving, wine-sipping, vintage-hunting Celebrant, and the Queensland Local Leader for The Celebrant Society.
Having started her celebrant career in 2011 in the UK, where she lived for 26 years, Roxy has a hybrid London/Australian accent that confuses almost everyone she meets (‘Are you New Zealander?’). She lives on the northside of Brisbane with her yeasty-smelling rescue-Staff X, Valentine Mc Farty. In her spare time, you can find Roxy out on her bicycle, scouring op-shops for vintage bargains, down her local bowls club where she hosts a trivia night, or hanging out in her garden, trying hard not to kill anything.