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Member Resources

Here is where you will find all the business-boosting member resources you will need to stay on the leading edge of this industry!

Explore below to find all sorts of celebrant goodies exclusively available to TCS members.

Member Basics

Here is everything to get you started with your membership.   We highly recommend downloading and reading the Member Guidebook before anything else, because it’s packed with juicy content to get you the most bang for your buck!

Membership Guidebook

This document shares EVERYTHING you need to know about getting the very most from your membership. You've invested - now make it count!

Insurance Information

Click above for details of your PI and PL Insurance coverage.
To request a Certificate of Currency, please submit the form through the above link.

Facebook Forum

There is an abundance of support, fun, friendship and advice in our Facebook Member Forum. Please try to share something before asking for something!

Monthly Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with everything that's happening for your membership, in the Facebook forums, with the member community and in the wedding world.

Member Badges

We have an awesome variety of "Proud Member" badges that our members love to add to their websites, socials and email signatures. You can access them here.

Manage Membership

Here you can update your contact details, check your subscription or payment status and renew or cancel your membership by clicking the "Subscriptions" tab.

2021 OPD
Virtual Conference

You can complete 4 hours of your 2021 OPD by joining in our super fun, interactive and inspiring 2021 OPD.
Click here to access the event at any time.

And as a bonus...
Business Wellbeing Booster

As part of your membership, you get this bonus eBook all about giving your business a quick and easy spring clean. Now is the perfect time for a check-in & refresh!

Want a lil' something extra?Browse the shop.

We have awesome merchandise, Bose speakers, eBooks and virtual workshops for you to make the most of your business.
Check out our shop for a little retail therapy!

Vendor Directory

Included in your membership is an Essential Directory Listing (worth $295 inc. GST) in our Vendor Directory.  You can also use the code towards an upgraded Listing!

Create Your Listing

Follow the prompts and be sure to use the discount code below to take off $295 once your listing is created!!
Discount code: MemberTCS

View Active Enquiries

Couples can submit a request for available celebrants for a specific date, time and location. Click here to see and respond to all active enquiries.

Manage Your Listing

You can edit and update your contact info, photos and listing information at any time. Just click here to access your active listing and view or edit it.

Refer a Friend

Get your own unique discount code which gives $50 off for unlimited friends and pays you $50 for referring them! Simple, quick and easy. Create one now by clicking above.

Celebrant Courses

Anna Kate releases super interesting, fun and easily achievable courses throughout the year that will help you to improve your skills, learn all sorts of interesting topics and seriously improve your service in ways that push you to think outside the box.  Click below to see which courses are currently available!

Sarah May Alexander regularly sits down with super interesting celebrants, vendors and unique professionals to pick their brains, learn something different and help you grow as a business owner.  Click below to see the latest conversations to keep you on the leading edge of this industry!

We have a bunch of awesome vendor affiliates and recommendations who want to help you boost your business and they love us so much that they’ve given our members discounts for their products and services!!  Check them all out below.

Studio Ninja - Life & Business Organiser

Studio Ninja is a Customer Resource Management tool that helps you organise your business and your life - it creates workflows, automates emails, sends you reminders and generally makes life a crap load easier!

TCS Members receive a 30% discount by using the discount code:
(This offer only applies to new users)

Members also receive:
- Free support 24 hours a day
- Free 1-1 phone training to help you guys get up and running as quickly & easily as possible
- Free data migration if you come over from another software or post-it notes 🙂

Celebrant Briefcase

Celebrant Briefcase is a program designed specifically for Australian Celebrants. It generates the NOIM, dec/cert combo and marriage certificates, automatically populating the couple's information into the correct fields.

Clicking a button will send your couples an invoice, which can be easily customised and adjusted to accept partial payments. TCS Members receive a 20% discount on all plans.

To activate this discount:

1. When you sign up, go to the "Account" area
2. Set the member option to "The Celebrant Society"
3. Once we confirm that you are a member, you will see the discounted rate on the "Account" page. Simple!

Bose and Sennheiser Products

Our members get major discounts on a variety of Bose products, including the S1 Pro Speaker System, backpacks, speaker stands and more.

TCS Members also get discounts on Sennheiser microphones. Tech experts will find best frequencies for your areas and the best microphone for each celebrant's specific needs. Our members get access to big discounts on Sennheiser products.

We don't currently have any Bose/Sennheiser product deals on offer to our members, but if you are interested in these products you can find a whole heap of valuable information through our Facebook Group for TCS members.

Be sure to check back here soon for deal updates!

Lawpath - Legal Made Easy

Lawyers aren't cheap, and neither are the costs of ensuring that your business is legally sound and healthy. Thankfully, Lawpath recognised the need to create a way for small business owners (with small budgets) to afford access to legal documents, business revision and on-hand legal advice in a cost effective and achievable way.

For less than the price of a single booking, you can have smart, simple assistance on tap, including unlimited legal advice, creation and revision of documents including contracts, and legal help to register or build your business.

We (Sarah and Anna) both use Lawpath for our individual businesses and we think they're the bees knees, so we want you to know about them, too.
Click the link above for absolute peace of mind and legal help on tap.

Wedding Ceremony Store

When you were starting out, did you ever wish that you could just jump into the body (and computer) of an experienced celebrant and soak up everything they knew?
This resource is the absolute HIDDEN GEM of the New Celebrant world! Maria Bond has created an abundant wealth of content for a newbie, including:

- Videos performing all elements of a ceremony
- Workflows
- Checklists
- Questionnaires
- Email templates
- Draft ceremonies
- Basically everything you need to kickstart your celebrant gig!

For less than the cost of a single wedding ceremony, you will be set up with the experience of at least 10 ceremonies and will be feeling like an instant pro.

TCS Members receive a 15% discount on all products
Simply click this link above and use the discount code: TCS15

Rounded - Accounting Program

Rounded is an accounting program specifically tailored to sole traders and small business owners.... just like you! Their program totally uncomplicates the scary world of accounting and streamlines your business to help tackle the numbers super easily and effectively.

It is:
- an awesome Australian alternative to Freshbooks and Wave accounting
- it allows you to invoice & quote
- It will track your expenses and your time

One of our top notch celebrants, Megan Watson, uses Rounded and has this to say about it:
“Rounded has been fantastic for sorting out my business finances. I'm now able to focus more energy on my clients."

TCS Members get 20% off any annual plan, using the discount code:

Click the link above to check it out and get started on acing your finances!

The Funeral Fix

The Funeral Fix is (in our humble opinion) the most progressive, relevant and innovative funeral training program in Australia.

This team has created a course that is designed to show you everything you didn't even know funeral celebrancy could be. Addressing topics usually ignored by traditional training companies, these guys really examine the myriad of unique options available to both grieving families and professionals to show you how you can create a celebration of life that is so much more than the stuffy formalities of funerals past.

If you want to broaden your scope as a celebrant, this is the place to do it. Trust us, you'll be miles ahead of the rest.

TCS Members receive a 10% discount off the total course price
Simply click this link and use the discount code: TCSMEMBER

How To Be An Amazing Wedding MC

Gary Clementson has been acing the MC field for many years now, and has created a 14-step comprehensive guide to help others do the same!

Gary's course is fun, easy-to-follow and packs a punch with everything you need to know to make a wedding reception go off with a bang.

MCing is the perfect way to expand your celebrancy repertoire and extend your service offerings to couples. Helping your couples party the night away is one of the most rewarding and fun parts of our job, so if it's something you're interested in exploring - this is the place to get exploring!

TCS Members receive a 15% discount off the total course price
Simply click this link and use the discount code: TCS

Want to collaborate?  Have you got a deal for our rad vendors or kick ass couples?

Send us a request to collaborate by clicking the link below!