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When celebrants gather in Newcastle

Our TCS Members can be found in just about every corner of Australia and even some corners of England, Scotland, New Zealand and Canada!

One of our local Newcastle, NSW based celebrants recently organised a gathering and impromptu photo shoot for her fellow local Newcastle TCS Members. 

We asked Angela to tell us how it went….

“‘During my recent celebrant studies (my registration came through this July), we needed to research a few Celebrant Associations… you maybe had to do the same.

It became very apparent which Association I’d be joining! 

The inclusive, fun one! 

So during my 3 year wait, 🤭 I mean 3 months (seemed like forever 😅) I joined The Celebrant Society! I’m so happy I did.  It has been such an incredibly supportive community. 

Over the past few months, two amazing TCS Celebrants – April, and  Keelz  have let me tag along with them to a Wedding.

Such a brilliant insight into how these amazing gals do their thing! 

I have also got a lot from Dee’s newbie Zooms on the first Wednesday of the month too…. so very informative!* (Dee here – first Wednesday of the month, 7.30pm Melbourne time – everyone is welcome – on Zoom)

Anyway, what this little article is all about is the recent Newcastle Catch up!

I really wanted to meet some other local Celebrants so I asked Anna & Sarah (our esteemed and fearless leaders)** if I could organise something… they loved the idea! 

I have planned my share of dinners over the years here in my hometown and thought The Lucky Hotel in the CBD would be perfect! 

It is a magical place where you almost feel like you are outside in a courtyard because of the high translucent roof and lots of plants. 

I was a part time Wedding Photographer for 15 years (I found it hard when the cherubs arrived so I finished up the business) and now enjoy photography as a hobby. Besides having a yarn, eating & drinking I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take some photos for socials etc. I made an invite, booked a table and looked forward to the catch up!

There were 5 of us who were able to make it, all such wonderful ladies to meet and photograph!

All photos were taken by Angela.

We were spoilt for choice for backdrops.. it really was the perfect location. 

It was funny, on the way out I spied the front section of a Kombi that would have been sensational in photos too…. next time!

It was great getting to know some other locals who speak the same language. There was lots of chatter about how we do certain things and experiences we have had. I know I learnt a lot from these beautiful ladies and had a super fun night.

Thanks so much for those who came and I’d love to organise another one! If you live within kooee of Newcastle hope to see you at the next one!”

Angela, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and generosity in organising the catch up and photos. You all look FABULOUS!

**Any TCS Member is more than welcome to organise a catch up at anytime. If myself or Roxy, your Local Leaders can help in anyway, please let us know. 

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Author Bio

Dee Wild

Dee Wild is a member of the queer community, a maker of dresses and a lover of Prosecco.
Dee is also a Melbourne based Marriage Celebrant and a Local Leader for The Celebrant Society for the state of Victoria.

Melbourne’s northern suburbs are where she calls home, with her lovely English partner and two rather large dogs. When not hanging out with her couples in local bars, creating ceremonies and helping loved up couples get married, Dee loves exploring local cafes, handmade markets, vintage stores, restaurants and craft beer establishments.