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It’s one of those things where some people are really into it, and if you’re in this camp, then we have got some fabulous ideas which our members want to tell you about. These suggestions may not be 100% necessary to include but will 100% make your wedding even more memorable.

Audio Guest Book

Ever heard of an audio guest book? This is a fantastic alternative to a traditional guestbook – hey,
writing is so last year!

Your guests can pick up this super stylish retro phone with a contemporary twist, and leave a
message for the couple. These custom ToneMatic Phone is what makes it all possible, with a tiny
computer inside. Each guests’ message is saved as its own personal voicemail. Available to hire from
At The Beep.

How does it work? With magic! Lift the receiver and follow the audio prompts and record your
message. Advice, memories, ramblings, our super savvy system records all messages in a personal
audio gallery. Listen, laugh and cry as you relive your celebrations for years to come.

Handwritten Notes

Instead of writing thank you cards to your guests after the wedding, why not leave a handwritten thank you note for each guest when they sit down for dinner – this way they won’t need place cards, and it saves you sending out thank you cards after the wedding.

Ideas provided by Kate Cutter Celebrant

Helicopters, Champagne, and Hilltop Dancing

Our very own TCS Member Sharon Is My Celebrant got married last year, and what a wedding she had!  Packed full of excellent ideas, Sharon shared these with us.

“We jumped in helicopter for a 45 minute flight for a rest and couple time. We had champers, strawberries and our entrance was announced to our guests with a three loop flyover and the pilot bopped the horn. The video was great with guests waving.  We then drove in the 400m from landing pad and walked down aisle together. 

After ceremony we had a group dance on Hill overlooking ocean with all our guests filmed by drone.”

To Bee or Not To Bee

Katie from White Feather Celebratons was lucky enough to have a friend whose father owned bees.  As a result, her and her wife gave out little pots of these to guests as wedding favours.  We think this idea is buzzin’!

Love Is In The Air

One of our senses which is often neglected on our wedding day is our smell.  One of Roxy Celebrant’s couples wanted to include this sense, and created their own wedding scent.  This scent has been made into candles, which will be burning in the ceremony and reception space, creating a memorable aroma. 

These will also be given to each of the guests as a wedding favour. You can get these made and personalised at Etsy.

Book Lovers Unite

“I had a real book loving couple and for each guest, they chose a short novel as the gift and attached a personalised message. It was such a wonderful thing to see this pile of books with guests names and guests could hunt around for theirs.”  Dilhari 

“I had a couple who are old souls and loved Little Golden Books. They individually chose one of these books for each guest that they had collected from op-shops. Each guest loved the thought involved, They gave me three for my daughters as a thank you with a Pez lolly dispenser (which was also part of the bonbonniere.)” Sarah May Alexander.


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Roxy Hotten

Roxy is a dog-loving, wine-sipping, vintage-hunting Celebrant, and the Queensland Local Leader for The Celebrant Society.
Having started her celebrant career in 2011 in the UK, where she lived for 26 years, Roxy has a hybrid London/Australian accent that confuses almost everyone she meets (‘Are you New Zealander?’).  She lives on the northside of Brisbane with her yeasty-smelling rescue-Staff X, Valentine Mc Farty. In her spare time, you can find Roxy out on her bicycle, scouring op-shops for vintage bargains, down her local bowls club where she hosts a trivia night, or hanging out in her garden, trying hard not to kill anything.