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Why small wedding

First of all, let’s redefine what a Wedding is…

To be legally married, you need yourselves, a celebrant and two witnesses to be present. From there, it’s totally up to you HOW you celebrate getting married. A small/micro wedding DOES NOT have to mean eloping and keeping everything a secret! You have our full permission to celebrate your Wedding in whatever way makes you and your partner happy.

why small wedding
Small and Micro Weddings with your favourite people. Wear whatever you want, encourage your guests to wear whatever they want and celebrate at your favourite park. With bunting! Celebrant: Megan Jordan, Photo: Megan Brown Photography

Covid has redefined what a wedding has to be… if we can take one silver lining from the pandemic completely upending our lives, and in our case the wedding industry, it’s that all the ‘rules’ have been thrown out. Smaller weddings with just your immediate community have become more common and acceptable and a whole heap of fun! As wedding vendors, we all adapted to smaller weddings as covid restrictions dictated. However, for many of us, we found the joy and intimacy in these celebrations to be even more electric than bigger weddings. And we want to encourage you to keep those smaller weddings in the mix.

So, some reasons why you might like a small wedding…..

You’re not a fan of being the centre of attention

As Celebrants, we quite like 100 or so people hanging on our every word, but we get it, it can be some people’s nightmare. With a smaller wedding, you can invite a handful of people and make your Wedding a much more intimate affair. 

Get the acoustics right and you might not even need a microphone to say your Vows. 

Lots of couples that opt for a smaller wedding have shared with us, that they have actually enjoyed their personal vows when it was just for their partner and a handful of much-loved guests. 

why small wedding
A ceremony that included being serenaded by Tobi Tobi vows in Spanish and English and was followed by Champagne with their favourite people. Celebrant: Dee Wild Photo: My Scandi Style Photography

You quite like the idea of being ‘married’ but not a Wedding

You love your significant other. You might have even proposed to them.  You want to call them your husband, wife or partner in life. 

However, the idea of planning and executing a wedding is not something that excites you. 

It may even terrify you! 

Seating plans, matching outfits, your second cousin that you haven’t seen since you were both 12 years old…. None of these things HAVE to be in your Wedding plans. 

Instead, opt for a smaller guest list and your options are endless……
Have a table of your favourite people for dinner at your favourite 5 star restaurant 
Take a hot air balloon ride to a winery…..
Hire an amazing Air BNB getaway for you and your favourite people….
Have  pizza and beers at your favourite bar with your community…
Gather your people at your local park for a picnic with the very best Champagne…. 

why small wedding
And what better way to celebrate your wedding in Victoria’s Yarra Valley than with a decadent lunch in a private dining room surrounded by your family. Photo: Odd Socks Society

These options can be classy or casual. 

Can suit a myriad of budgets and locations. 
Can all be over in an hour or two, or make a whole weekend of it. 
Make it a Saturday or a Tuesday (actually, you can make it any day, but you get the idea!)

Small, but will all the pizazz! 

A small wedding can absolutely still have all the wedding elements that suit you. 

  • Amazing florals
  • Live music
  • A chance to buy a new stunning outfit (or two!)
  • Champagne toasts 
  • Photography and Videography to capture your day
  • Get ready together or have a big reveal

And of course… CAKE! 

why small wedding
CAKE! There should always be cake. And your favourite beverages. Cake: Zee Scott , Photo: Gold and Grit Photography

If you can have your small wedding on a week day or non-peak wedding time, you may find that your wedding vendors will be a little cheaper. 

Although remember, the work required is often just the same if you are getting married on a Saturday or a Tuesday. I mean eggs and flour for cakes cost the same on Tuesday as they do on Saturday…! 

Small Weddings do not suit everyone. 

And don’t get us wrong, as Celebrants, we do LOVE the bigger Weddings at amazing venues and seeing you celebrate with a raucous group of your most loved people. 

However, we think embracing a smaller wedding can work wonders for some couples and your favourite vendors can’t wait to help! 


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Author Bio

Dee Wild

Dee Wild is a member of the queer community, a maker of dresses and a lover of Prosecco.
Dee is also a Melbourne based Marriage Celebrant and a Local Leader for The Celebrant Society for the state of Victoria.

Melbourne’s northern suburbs are where she calls home, with her lovely English partner and two rather large dogs. When not hanging out with her couples in local bars, creating ceremonies and helping loved up couples get married, Dee loves exploring local cafes, handmade markets, vintage stores, restaurants and craft beer establishments.