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May 08
Meet Our Local Leaders

Q+A With TCS Local Leaders If you’re a TCS Member, you’ll probably be familiar with our three Local Leaders, Roxy (QLD), Alison (NSW) and Dee (Vic).  They’re always there, supporting members, running events, writing blogs, answering questions, and basically just giving our members the best resources they can possibly want in a membership organisation. Alongside […]

Apr 10
The MANY roles of a Celebrant

Wikipedia states that : “celebrants are people who conduct formal ceremonies in the community, particularly weddings – which represent the main ceremony of legal import conducted by celebrants –, and for this reason are often referred to as marriage celebrants” All of which is true, but it does rather simplify the role and the experience of BEING […]

Apr 09
Roxy and Dee’s Social Media Scavenger Hunt : Melbourne

When the TCS Social Media Scavenger Hunt Road Show rolled into Melbourne, it’s fair that LOCAL, Dee was slightly nervous. A proud Melbournian, would Melbourne live up to the excellence that Sydney and Adelaide did….? Answer, of course it did! It came down to the same elements that made Sydney and Adelaide so great…. A great creative space, […]

Apr 08
Dee and Roxy’s Social Media Scavenger Hunt : Adelaide

“I attended the Adelaide social media workshop and absolutely loved it.I feel quite confident with using social media but was lacking inspiration. The workshop with Roxy and Dee gave me new insights, ideas and then lots of content after we around around the city taking photos.It was such a fun and informative day..” Alix The […]

Jan 23
February Social Media Challenge

 We get it, the holidays have come to an end, the kids are back at school, weddings are happening and you promised yourself that THIS month you would post more to your Social Media! You sit down, phone in hand, or a scheduling app open, loads of fabulous photos to choose from and then…. nothing! […]