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February Social Media Challenge

 We get it, the holidays have come to an end, the kids are back at school, weddings are happening and you promised yourself that THIS month you would post more to your Social Media!

You sit down, phone in hand, or a scheduling app open, loads of fabulous photos to choose from and then…. nothing!

Inspiration is not forthcoming and you end up scrolling insta and not posting anything…

Sound familiar?

Well, allow us to provide with just the inspiration that you need with our February TCS Photo Challenge : 

Use these prompts to inspire a post, based as loosely or literally as your photos, style, humour and candour allow.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the prompts…..

8. Cats or Dogs….. 

This could be posting about a wedding of yours that featured the couple’s Cats or Dogs. 

You could inform us of your personal preference.

Perhaps introduce us to your very own cats or dogs.

26. I married these two….

This could easily be the couple that you just married…

Or your favourite / biggest / smallest wedding so far this year.

Or, and here we’re thinking of newer celebrants, it could be a couple that you are GOING to marry….

Or, it could even be a couple that you WISH you had married! Celebrity crush or dream couple?

Dee’s personal favourite : LEAP!

It is a leap year after all! We are very excited to see photos of celebrants, their kids or their couples LEAPING at the end of the month.

“I really don’t want to post everyday…..”

We hear you – we really do!

We have taken into account that posting every. single. day. is simply not achievable or appealing to everyone, so we have a list of just FIVE prompts for the month.                                   

 This could be a great way to get you back into posting or to even start posting.

You could even replicate a version of this EVERY month. Let’s face it, as celebrants, we work in many wonderful places, marry different couples every wedding and there is sure to be more than ONE favourite thing about being a celebrant.

If you struggling for motivation posting to your social media, this is the (acheivable!) challenge for you.

This is also an excellent time to SCHEDULE your content!

I know, just one more of those things that you promised yourself that you would do this year….right?

Wether it’s an app like Planoly, Later or the scheduling function in Instagram itself.  Set yourself the challenge of scheduling some, or all of your content for the Photo Challenge.

So, are you ready? Is your brain already thinking of posts and photos to include?

We hope so!

Remember to tag your photos with #tcs_photo_challenge and tag thecelebrantsociety Insta so that we can follow along.

You can also join the TCS member facebook event for prompt reminders and ideas.

Happy posting,

Your TCS Leadership and Hype Team

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February Social Media Challenge