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Make 2024 the year you actually stick to your new year's resolutions and you reach your elebrant goals


Welcome to 2024! This is the day we traditionally shake off the haze of our Champagne-induced hangovers and promise ourselves that we’ll be better, healthier, smarter human beings… for about 2-6 weeks.

But with the hecticness of 2022 well behind us, and the ‘figuring it all out again’ of 2023 done, 2024 is perfectly positioned to be a year of growth, change and getting it done!

To take advantage of this next solar cycle and the possibilities that lay ahead, here are seven New Year’s resolutions for celebrants that you can realistically stick to. Pick one, two or all seven to commit to this year – whichever ones speak most to you (though everyone really should do number 6).

Complete your OPD before May and feel smug for the rest of the year.
OPD doesn't need to be a chore. Pour yourself a glass of bubbles and get it done.

1. Demand your worth

This isn’t just about charging enough; it’s about attaching importance to what you bring to the table and the use of your most valuable and finite resource: your time. There are lots of different philosophies on how to price your services based on running costs, living costs, super, growth, rainy day savings, market averages, supply and demand, liability cost etc. But there are less tangible factors, too. There’s the creativity and experience you bring to every ceremony. Plus, choosing to work in the wedding industry means weekends spent away from family and friends, and sometimes missing out on events in lieu of the clients’ big day instead. Demanding your worth means being confident that you are valued (monetarily and otherwise) for the time and energy you pour into your work.

2. Do OPD before May

Does OPD equal procrastination nation for you? You’re not alone! By the start of December 2023, a whopping 36% of celebrants had yet to complete their compulsory training. That’s more than a third of celebrants who waited until the final month to do their training… that had been issued seven months earlier… and was free… and only took most people less than 1 hour to do. The procrastination barrier is real!

SO MANY CELEBRANTS messaged us in a panic about how stressed they were feeling over not having done it yet. But once they did, the general consensus was “why did I put this off so long? It was easy!” Do yourself a favour and unburden the dragging weight of “incomplete” by marking 1st May in your calendar as your self-motivated OPD deadline.

Invest in yourself this year and reach your business goals with training and education
Our celebrant conferences in Bali are an investment in your business and yourself. Image: Smile Darling Photography

3. Invest in you

The wonderful thing about celebrancy, is that most of the skills we develop are highly transferable to a lot of other professional and personal settings. From public speaking and storytelling, to marketing, fostering client relationships and basic tech skills. Make 2024 a year of learning. The Celebrant Society hosts loads of free opportunities for its members including regular catch-ups and professional speakers; or go all out to nourish mind, body and soul at our celebrant retreats in Bali this July. 

4. Service your PA (and get your tech in order)

While it’s important to invest in that super computer you call your brain, your other equipment shouldn’t be ignored. If it’s been more than two years since you last had your PA serviced, book it in for a check up now. If you have a Bose S1 Pro, check that the firmware is up to date. While you’re at it do a general digital health check, e.g. are all your emails and files protected by two-factor authentication? Is your iPad or Kindle running on the latest software? And, in the wise words of WA celebrant Eddie Couto, “BACK UP YOUR SHIT!”

5. Spring clean your business

Throw open the metaphorical windows, blow off the dust and dedicate some time to refreshing your celebrant business. The wedding industry has changed so much over the past few years, so if you are still rocking 2019 business vibes, it’s time for a shake-up. It could be as simple as re-organising your workspace for maximum productivity or to spark creativity; or it could mean a complete overhaul of your marketing strategy. Big or small, if it’s a job that you’ve been putting off, 2024 is the year to tick it off your list. Need help getting started? Check out ‘The Ultimate Business Refresh’ course – there’s a 50% discount for The Wedding Society members.

We all know we should do it, but this year actually commit to wearing sunscreen any time you are outside
If you only make one new year's resolution for 2024, make it this: wear sunscreen.

6. Wear sunscreen

Like, at every wedding. Or any time you are outside. Good-quality SPF 50+. On your face, on your arms, on your legs, on the tops of your ears. For all the most obvious health reasons (duh), but also because no one wants to be the beetroot-red marriage celebrant in all the photos.

7. Support other celebrants

One of the most wholesome things about being part of The Celebrant Society is that the members truly embody the mission statement of “community over competition”. So let’s take this one step further this year by mindfully and purposefully support each other. Like and comment on each other’s social media posts; schedule at least one shout-out per month to celebrants who have made an impact on you; offer a wedding ride-along to a newbie who is eager to learn; or reach out to a celebrant you know who is having a tough time. Also, PLEASE don’t slam other celebrants in a public wedding couples forum – remember, you’re likely only getting half the story. When we support each other, we raise the industry as a whole and ultimately we all benefit.

Make even just one of these pledges to yourself, then look forward to how smug you will feel on 31st December 2024 with all that you’ve achieved. In the next 525,600 minutes, what resolutions will you use to measure this next season of love?

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Hailing from Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West, Alison has a background in print and digital media. In 2018, she swapped deadlines for ‘I do’s, and has been hitching loved-up legends ever since. She is also a celebrant trainer, ceremony ghostwriter and the NSW Local Leader for The Celebrant Society.

Away from the arbour, Alison likes to eat dumplings, re-watch Schitt’s Creek (again), and take way too many photos of her rescue cats, Pancake and Barney.