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Tasmania may be small, but she is mighty! Home to beautiful vistas, amazing food and wine AND one of our absolute favourite people in the world, Rachael Calvert Weddings. 

We caught up with Rachel recently to introduce her to you…

Rachael, hello! Where’s home for you? 

I am based in Blackmans Bay which is a beachside suburb about 15 minutes south of Hobart, Tasmania.



You’ve been a celebrant for 10 years, what’s the Number One Thing that you have learnt from being part of so many celebrations? 

Number one thing I have learnt (and am still learning) is that I need to maintain strong personal boundaries. I mostly become great mates with every couple I marry, and I have to remember that I can’t always maintain that post marrying. 

Some of my BEST mates have come into my life because I was their celebrant, but I can’t do that with every couple. 

Learning that it’s OK to love them and then set them free has been a biggie!

I also have had to accept that I am my own harshest critic, and that the way the couple and their guests experience one of my ceremonies is very different to how I hear it in my own head. 

Even if I feel like I didn’t nail it, the couple and their guests are in the love bubble and chances are they didn’t notice me stumble on that sentence or the mic drop out for that one second during the vows.

Deb and Kirbs Wedding. Photo: Rosie Hastie Celebrant: Rachael Calvert


I know it can be hard to pinpoint just one favourite, but I am going to ask you…. Rachael, what is your favourite part of being a Celebrant?

My favourite part of being a celebrant is injecting some serious vibes into the ceremony. Whether it be amping up a crowd, bringing the laughs and getting everyone in party mode, or working with the couple’s chosen vendors to create the perfect amount of heartfelt intimacy for the elopers out there.

I’m also a massive fan of sticking around for a glass or two of bubbles afterwards and soaking up the love vibes!

Rachel pictured here with fellow TCS celemates!


What’s your favourite post wedding drink?

EASY. Bubbles all day every day…!  

I often joke that I am a professional Champagne drinker, and I have also considered campaigning for “Celebrant drinks post ceremony bubbles” being added to the legal requirements… What do you reckon AGD???

You’ve been a much loved -member of The Celebrant Society for many years. What do you love about being part of TCS? 

The Best thing about being a part of TCS is easily the friendships and connections I have made. 

Tassie is only a little island, and we have some cracker ‘celebuds’* down here, but it’s so great to have made so many connections with people from all over the country and be able to contribute to such an epic pool of knowledge, support, laughs and rants. 

Also, the week I spent at the Coogee Bay Hotel for the conference in 2019 was life changing! Bring back the Face To Face** conference in 2023 I say!!!

Us celebuds are a happy bunch! (Left to Right) Katie Reeve, Nat Weaver, Rachael Calvert, Kathleen Ryan, Kath Tilly.


What’s the one (or many things) that you always bring to a ceremony that might surprise us?

I have a pretty great kit that I have been building over the years: tissues, lollypops, rescue remedy, boobie tape etc.

However, I would never arrive at a wedding without my favourite lippy. 

I love a good red/bright pink lip and reckon a great lipstick makes you smile more and feel more confident!

Hitching vibes!

Thanks Rachael! Your couples are so lucky to have you support and befriend them in their Wedding planning! 

We can’t wait to see your bright red-lippy smile in person and online again soon!

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Author Bio

Dee Wild

Dee Wild is a member of the queer community, a maker of dresses and a lover of Prosecco.
Dee is also a Melbourne based Marriage Celebrant and a Local Leader for The Celebrant Society for the state of Victoria.

Melbourne’s northern suburbs are where she calls home, with her lovely English partner and two rather large dogs. When not hanging out with her couples in local bars, creating ceremonies and helping loved up couples get married, Dee loves exploring local cafes, handmade markets, vintage stores, restaurants and craft beer establishments.