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Wedding Readings Rethink

Wedding Readings - dead boring or absolutely ace?

Wedding readings have gotten a bit of a bad rep over the years, and we understand why.

We’ve all been to one of ‘those’ weddings where someone gets up to nervously do a reading, and us guests are sitting there going ‘Yawn’.  

So are wedding readings always dead boring?

Nope.  We don’t think so.  In fact, wedding readings can be absolutely ace, and we going to let you into some secrets as to how to make them so.

Why readings?

Traditionally, readings would be a passage from the bible, either giving a blessing or advice on marriage, and if that’s your bag, go for it.  However, if a couple are looking for something secular, or more ‘them’ then asking whoever would enjoy doing a reading to choose something themselves and keep it a surprise from the couple can lead to a more engaging experience for everyone.

If a reader steers clear of Googling ‘Wedding readings’ and thinks more about what the couple really enjoy, then there’s a whole world of opportunity out there.  

Creative Readings

Our The Celebrant Society members have seen some fabulous readings, which include:


  • Reading out the lyrics of a song the couple love
  • Mashing up the lyrics of a bunch of songs and rapping them
  • Taking a passage from a film or book that the couple enjoy
  • Getting relationship advice from people the couple admire
  • Reading out the results of a survey that the reader has sent to wedding guests, such as ‘How would you describe XX and ZZ as a couple?’ or ‘What is true love to you?’
  • Put together a flash mob to sing a song – and maybe, just maybe, you can get the Celebrant to sing a line
  •  Ask the couple’s parents (if they have a good relationship) whether they have any old love letters they’d be happy to share
  • Google readings, but be specific.  Rather than ‘Wedding Readings’ why not try ‘Readings scuba diving’ or ‘lyrics about unique love’
  • And, if you’re creative, then why not do something original – a poem, a song, a dance… whatever works for you.

Don't think of your reading as a reading

If you’re an engaged couple thinking about asking someone to do a reading, think of it as if you are asking them to give you a gift.  And equally, if you’ve been asked to do a reading, then it is a gift you’re giving them.  It’s not a filler for the ceremony: it’s an incredibly honoured thing to be asked to do.

How to choose your reader

Think about who may really enjoy choosing something to deliver at your ceremony.  Who is comfortable with public speaking?  Who knows you well, and understands the vibe of the day you’re going for?  Who would you love to hear from? Who’s message would add value to your day? 

Let's us know

What’s the best reading you’ve ever seen in action?  Comment below. 

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Wedding Readings Rethink