Hi, I’m Sandie Barnes.

I was born in Elgin, Scotland, and now happily settled in Sydney, having also spent time living in London, Melbourne and Perth. I am an Australian citizen, but I still have a soft Scottish accent.

Born to parents in the music industry, I spent my childhood quietly observing a rainbow of characters performing, rehearsing and entertaining. Through this I developed my love for words and music and observed the magic spell they cast upon the listener when put together beautifully with skill and affection.

I am a wordsmith, a storyteller and often quite witty.

Experience in event management underpins how I can offer professional tips for the running of your special ceremony, be it a wedding, funeral, name giving, anniversary or memorial. I can offer advice on poetry, readings, music, vows, eulogies and ceremonial elements.

My colourful childhood fashioned my outlook: I celebrate love and life (and death) in all its myriad of colours, shapes and sizes. Everyone is welcome…

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story…


11 Wyomee Avenue West Pymble Sydney NSW