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Hey Team,

Look at you! You're getting married! Well done!!!

I'm a Melbourne based celebrant with a background in music teaching and music performance, so I know how to pump up and wrangle a crowd and get things going!

I’m relatively new to Melebrating. I got into to it because it looked like a heap of fun (and what do you know, it is!), so I could work with all kinds of people and be creative in a way that is different to my day job!

I’m organised and flexible. I know not everything runs to plan and I am really good at making it look like it does!

I’ve got a quick wit and love working the crowd to feel relaxed, have a laugh and a good time.

I know not everyone loves being the centre of attention, so I am here to put you in the spotlight in a way that takes some of the stress out of being in the spotlight!

On the flipside if a low-key more relaxed ceremony is your aim we can work together to make it something special just for you!

Either way I know it is about making your day feel special and memorable.

Would love to help you out with all your Melbrating needs!!!

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