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Ahhhh weddings. I love them. It's not just because I am a romantic, but I love the feelings of them. The joy they bring, the coming together of two people, their families and their communities. I love the party aspect, the getting dressed up and putting on your Sunday best and I love the entertainment. I am also one of those people that love speeches! Which is why I love being a celebrant!

My ceremonies are known for being fun, warm and meaningful. I like to make your friends and family laugh and cry, but mostly laugh. But my job is not just limited to the day of your wedding. It is to make the lead up to your ceremony as stress-free as possible. My aim is to do everything for my clients so I can take a few things off their plates. I take care of all paperwork, provide tips and advice around ceremony logistics and prepare a ceremony well in advance so that everything is sorted before the day of the wedding arrives.

When it comes to creating a ceremony, I encourage my clients to think outside the box and offer alternatives to traditional options.

Whether your ceremony is formal, casual or elaborate, I am fun, charming and cheeky and I bring the right amount of energy to your celebration. I look forward to helping you plan your special day.