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I craft ceremonies that capture you – with all those wonderful quirks and qualities  that makes you the couple you are!    Maybe you love dogs or perhaps you are obsessed with vintage steam trains (guess what - it's a thing!), whatever is important to you is important to me.

Whether you want a low-key, intimate ceremony or the full extravaganza complete with acrobats,  I will make sure it’s the experience you wished for and because I only ever book one ceremony per day you are my complete focus.  I believe the wedding process should be fun and fuss free so you can enjoy the journey as much as your big day.

I'm a warm, friendly, curious person, which works well for me as a celebrant because I am genuinely fascinated by people and love nothing more than to deep dive into all your stories.

From my previous life of accounting (who doesn’t love a great spreadsheet) and medical practice management (think herding cats on crutches) I bring all my organisational and people skills to step you through the legals, vow writing, music selections and every possible ceremony twist.

This is just a wee taste of me but if you’d like to know more feel free to stalk my socials and check out my website.  I’d love to chat with you about your ceremony and how to make it the experience you wish for so reach out if I sound like your kind of celebrant!