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Oh hey you - thanks for popping on over.

I want to get to know you - no not like that, get your head out of the gutter! I mean the secret sauce to any good relationship, familiarity.

You see, it’s a big ask of a humble celebrant to talk, walk and feel like family to you on your wedding day - but it’s a damn necessity if you want a breezy, beautiful ceremony stuffed with inside jokes and bucket loads of feeling. This is why I spend the time, energy and effort to actually get to know you (in my special, non-creepy way), so that I can tailor your wedding ceremony to the most important people possible - you.

I love a good laugh over a glass of wine, so getting to know you is easy peasy. If you don't want to be good buds with your celebrant by the time your day comes around - I'm not the celebrant for you. If you do, head over to my website, put the wine on  ice and let's chat!