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Congrats bestie!If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been asked to perform the Emcee (MC) role at your best friend’s wedding, and most likely are feeling a little nervous. Well, you’re not alone! Most MCs I speak to get major jitters about the big day and I am always getting asked how to be a good MC.Unfortunately, I have witnessed my fair share of MC disasters – they had either neglected to prepare for the night, were unaware of their responsibilities, or just got too drunk, in an attempt to battle their nerves, and really killed the vibe. I don’t want this to happen to you!Fear not friend, I have got you covered. As a marriage celebrant, trained actor, and professional MC of different events, I have picked up heaps of handy tips and tricks about how to create an amazing atmosphere for any reception and how to be a great wedding MC.Following these simple steps will allow you to feel confident, have fun, and create an unforgettable wedding reception for the newlyweds.

Shelley Amar from “You’ve Got The Love” Celebrant, nailing her role as Emcee

Here are my tried and true 11 Quick Tips and Tricks To Be An Amazing Wedding MC!

  1. Be sure to meet the couple BEFORE the big day and ask heaps of questions. This will help you write great wedding MC introductions for the guest speakers on the night.
  2. Go over the run-sheet together and confirm all timing and events
  3. Write a script using the information from the run sheet and rehearse it before the event
  4. On the night, wear a nice outfit – the couple will appreciate it and you’ll feel fab. Gents – a sharp hair cut probably wouldn’t’t go astray!
  5. Make time to meet the vendors and family before the reception starts so you know who is who and who to speak to if something goes awry.
  1. Be on time, follow the schedule, and be sure to let other vendors know if you are making changes.

HINT: Let the photographer and videographer know when you are about to introduce speakers. They don’t want to miss recording the speeches!

  1. Direct people’s attention to the activity that is taking place so people know where to look for the action.
  2. Use an iPad or clipboard for notes instead your phone as it can make you look unprepared (and a piece of paper can be a dead give away of shaking hands!)
  3. Hold the microphone close to your chin (not your belly button) and HINT: avoid making gestures with your mic hand as no one will be able to hear you!
Dylan Bond Celebrant working the crowd, the couple and mic perfectly!

10. Break script into 3 sections:

  • Post Ceremony Announcements,
  • Cocktail Hour Housekeeping, and
  • The Reception Main Event.

11. And finally, remember the evening isn’t about you, it is about the couple, so don’t get drunk to battle your nerves! No one enjoys slurring, swearing, or rambling on, especially the newlyweds!

“As a marriage celebrant, trained actor, and professional MC, I have picked up heaps of handy tips and tricks. to help” Gary Clementson.

If you feel like you could use an extra helping hand, I have designed a comprehensive online course How To Be An Amazing Wedding MC: Tips and Tricks So You Don’t F*ck It Up!to help anyone become the ultimate wedding emcee superstar.


  • 14 online videos
  • step by step guide
  • a list of exceptional resources
  • all the Do’s and Don’ts to ensure the wedding has the best atmosphere you can imagine.

AND my Magic Three: MC Templates

  • The Reception Questionnaire
  • The Run Sheet
  • The MC Script Template

Couples – I am super passionate about getting you hitched without a hitch and taking the guesswork out of creating an unforgettable wedding.

Roxy Celebrant, playing a version of the ‘Shoe Game’. Extra points for effort as the paddles were made by Roxy in her craft room. PHOTO WILLIDEA

This would make a great gift for you MC, or a confidence booster they can purchase for themselves. Either way you will end up with a quality MC for a fraction of the price of hiring a professional.

Also excellent for Wedding DJ’s or Celebrants. (*Note members of the Wedding Society get a discount, find out more in the members area.)

In the wise words of Ru Paul Charles, Good luck, and don’t f*ck it up.

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Author Bio

Gary Clementson

Gazza is a cheeky, adventurous, fun-loving and relaxed marriage celebrant and wedding MC. He wants to lift the veil on planning the wedding of your dreams and help lay the foundations for a marriage that’s happy ever after!

Nine years ago he moved from WA to Sydney and met the love of his life, Georgie. They made it official a few years ago and now live on the beautiful Northern Beaches. Once a sparky by trade, Gary is now a full time cele’ who enjoys a laugh, the outdoors, kayaking, firing up the barbie with friends, and spinning a good yarn.

Gary is a NIDA graduate and an actor by profession, so warming up a crowd is what he loves to do. He can tailor a ceremony to suit any venue or request, also offering an MC service, if you want to continue the good times into the night.”