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If navigating weddings through a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that many of our couples are more open to celebrate their love more intimately. We’re seeing so many more micro-weddings and elopements than ever before. Which enables the budget on more fun and left of field inclusions. 

Here are some of the top ideas that are currently trending in 2022.


Our nans are the matriarchs of our families, the ones who often keep everyone thriving, loved and fed. They’re the ones we call to get that delicious carrot cake recipe, or learn how to crochet that baby’s beanie, so why shouldn’t they have an important job within your wedding day? Many couples are replacing flower girls and boys with flower nans, and we just love this idea. The best part is they know how important your day is. They won’t fall apart in a major tantrum mid-way down the aisle or take off their pretty dress and dive into the pond as you’re declaring your vows to one another. Having your nan scatter the rose petals before your wedding party walk down the aisle is a pretty safe bet!

Flower nans are a growing trend in wedding ceremonies. Photo: Genevieve Leiper Photography


Flowers have always been a key styling feature at weddings but we’re seeing more couples putting their budget towards high-impact installations, such as an arbour or hanging masterpiece that can be repurposed at the reception, versus lots of smaller table arrangements. Within these arrangements we’re also seeing vibrant colours – reds, pinks and bursts of terracotta, are all the rage right now.

The Grounds of Alexandria is the perfect setting for popping floral installations.


We all have a little kid within us, and it doesn’t take much to bring them out when there are fun things to do. Many couples are thinking differently about how they entertain their guests, so we’re seeing more circus types of inclusions, and they’re a great way to entertain the little and big people alike. Bouncy castles that the adults can enjoy too, fire twirling instead of the first dance, and if you have the budget, fireworks are still red hot!

Bringing those big kid vibes to your wedding ceremony always goes down a treat. Photo: Ivy Road Photography


Many of our couples are choosing not to spend their money on the three-tiered wedding cake, that often sits around long after the hangover recovery. One of our favourite inclusions at any wedding is a fun dessert or signature cocktail. Or why not incorporate the two? Fairy floss cocktails, or gelato with a shot of Frangelico – Yum!

Flossy making those sweet moments extra sweet. Photo: Kirk Willcox


As much as we love to receive a little envelope in the mail with a beautifully curated wedding invitation, they’re pretty useless when the country is forced into a lockdown and dates and details have to change. We’re seeing a rise in digital wedding invites that can be updated very quickly and sent out to the mailing list within minutes rather than waiting for the post-person to deliver.


After being made to stay so close to home for such a long time, many couples are fleeing their local area and opting for 3-day wedding weekends in wide open spaces where they can breathe in the fresh air and party with their favourite people like it’s 2019. We like to call it a Wedstival. These events are way more relaxed and somewhat on the lower end of the budget, as many guests can park up their caravan or pitch a tent for the weekend, and even bring their own booze.

Photo: Graham Murray Photography


These days many couples are opting to walk down the aisle without dad on one arm, or copious amounts of bridesmaids or groomsmen leading the way. They’re also choosing to stand up the front with their celebrant without anyone else standing with them, literally making it all about the two of them, and we really dig that.

Lauren and Jack and that gorgeous Summergrove Estate view. Photo: Brendan Back


This one is very close to our hearts as we’ve been working with the Attorney General to include the Acknowledgement of Country at the beginning of every wedding ceremony on Australian land. It’s a way of showing respect for our Australian Aboriginal culture and we think it’s the least we can do in the fight for reconciliation. 

Current Wedding Trends
Photo: Hills and Homebound Photography

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