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Sarah May Alexander

Well, hey there you brilliant human!

Hi – I’m Sarah. A former Country gal who moved to the big smoke and now resides with my little fam bam on acreage by the beach. I’m grateful for all the lifestyles.

​I grew up with brothers and lived in a Bed and Breakfast / Vineyard at the back of an incredible Zoo.

We had constant exchange students, borders and guests staying at our home. I’m thankful to my family for such a social upbringing and for instilling my deep passion of people, animals and nature (& let’s be honest, wine!).

I’ve spent 17+ years working in the media starting at stupid o’clock. Early rising is a habit I can’t shake. Most days I have done hours of work before many people’s heads have even left the pillow.

I learned very early on how lucky I was to have worked in jobs I LOVED. I aim to instil a sense of fun & heart into our wedding communities. You need to love what you do.

I love to belly laugh and I love to travel. Most days you’ll find me dreaming of what new adventure awaits and what culture I can immerse myself into next.

I live on the beautiful Gold Coast with my cheeky husband and am the lucky mother to 3 kind, smart, sassy and funny daughters & our Newfoundland Dog, Horse and Love Birds.

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