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“Testing, Testing…” – PAs & Sound Management



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EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Ceremony Sound!!

Mel is here to teach you how to get the best out of your PA and your sound during each and every event.

After this course, you won’t have anyone raising their hand up the back to say they can’t hear you, or anyone up front blocking their ears! You’ll have the confidence to troubleshoot any sound issue that is thrown your way and even step in to help others if they need it!  You’ll have the confidence to troubleshoot any sound issue that gets thrown at you, and even help others who need it!

You’ll walk away with knowledge about sound that you didn’t even know you needed. Trust us, she’s THAT good.

What’s Included:

– 60 Minute Virtual Workshop Presentation (video)

– Recorded Q&A Session from the 2020 TCS Conference (video)

– 36 Page Handbook with worksheet, ticklists and infographs

This package includes:

– The original 60 minute “Testing, Testing…”  presentation (video)

– A recorded version of the live Q&A session from the 2020 TCS Virtual Conference

– Mel’s 36-page “Managing Your Sound” Workbook, packed with infographs, checklists and helpful worksheets

All of these inclusions are sent directly to your inbox to download and keep for lifetime access!

About Mel Calia

Mel is a Director of Music & Trainer of Cert III in Sound Production – what we’re saying is, she knows her sound! With vast training in voice management and musician gigging, Mel is well equipped to help any celebrant with all levels of experience to improve their skills at managing sound and tech issues.