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Smashing the Story – Ben Ager



Ben Ager’s ultimate guide to writing a shit hot ceremony, even when you have nothing to work with!  This guide is filled with all sort of tips, tricks and activities to get your creativity flowing and your penmanship pumping.

This jam-packed Handbook covers:

  • strucure
  • content
  • flow and – most importantly… 
  • his infamous “polishing a turd”.  

Ben’s hugely entertaining and informative presentations at TCS Conferences have been a hit for years and now he has condensed the best of his advice into this entertaining and inspiring handbook.  Have at it!!

Benedict Ager is an incredibly well respectedand experienced celebrant based in Sydney, Australia.  With over 20 years acting and theatre experience, Ben has carried a reputation within the Australian Celebrancy community as an incredibly talented story teller and creative writer.