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Knot Blocking Course

Ouch – nobody likes conflict.


Luckily, this course is designed to help you navigate it like the boss you are.  Directory Listing owners and members of TCS get access to this course for half price for a short time only!!  To access this hayUGE benefit, make sure you’re logged in when purchasing and use the discount code TWSMember50

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TCS Members and Directory Listing owners get access to this course for half price!!  To access this discount, make sure you’re logged in when purchasing and use the discount code “TWSMember50” – hurry, it’s only for a short time.

Does the thought of having a tough client convo make you squirm?  Do you wanna run and hide?  Getting heart palpitations?  Sweaty hands?  Yah.  This one’s for you, killer.


This 6-module, resource-packed course will equip you with an entire kit of communication tools to help you embrace the hard part of dealing with difficult clients and uncomfortable professional situations.  You will learn – in real-time using real-life examples – how to navigate tough conversations, meet anger with empathy, and tackle hard conversations productively and confidently.  Inside this course you’ll learn the following:


The 3 Types of Blockers:

Learn about the three major families of Knot Blocking behaviour and how you can instantly identify a behaviour, categorise it and pick the right tool from your “Shituation Draw” to effectively handle it with ease and confidence.


The 3 Golden Rules

You’ll learn an invaluable communication framework that you can apply to every hard conversation to net you positive results EVERY TIME.  Applying the 3 Golden Rules to every hard conversation will save you time, energy and a lot of heartache.


The Pre-Booking Phase

Once you’re equipped with your toolbox, we’ll address each of the Blocker Types and apply the Golden Rules to practice how easy it really is to drive the conversation to a positive and productive place, easily.  We’ll start with blocking ’em before they book.


Service Delivery Phase

Next, we’ll dive into conflict resolution throughout the time you’re working with a couple.  We’ll navigate the complexities of difficult clients and address several issues that often arise during service delivery.  You’ll be feeling like a badass in no time.


Post-Booking Phase

Then we’ll address the issues that can arise after you’ve completed your work with a couple.  This area specifically addresses the tough situation of a negative review or a request for refund.  Trust me, with your newly acquired skills, you’ll be handling these Shituations like a boss in no time.


The Break Up

Lastly, we’ll dive into the hardest part of all – breaking up with a couple and being broken up with.  We’ll learn a really handy acronym to follow in these situations and you’ll learn your one, final secret weapon to help you deal with particularly hard scenarios.  By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be confident, equipped and ready handle anything thrown your way!


This course is designed and taught by Johanna Kate who has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management.  Her educational training has focused on workplace change, leading her to effectively manage a wide variety of conflict that arises as a result of unexpected or unwelcome change in a professional environment.