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In The Pursuit Of Magic – Badass Branding



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Find Your Branding Magic…

So you’ve been at this a while, you have an established brand, but you’re feeling a bit stale?  You’re ready for a refresh, a new direction, or an injection of life into your current brand?

Nikki will be leading an advanced branding strategy session for celebrants looking to up the ante and light a fire under your branding.

Nikki will cover brand growth, rebranding, social media branding integration and a whole bunch of other incredibly useful information to help you.

This package includes:

– The original 60 minute Badass Branding presentation (video)

– A recorded version of the live Q&A session from the 2020 TCS Virtual Conference

– Nikki’s complete “In The Pursuit Of Magic” Workbook, packed with tips, tricks, and activities to up your branding game

All of these inclusions are sent directly to your inbox to download and keep for lifetime access!

About Nikki Gaastra

Nikki Gaastra is the director of Seedling Digital and an expert at custom branding, website development & digital marketing for small businesses who are ready to make big growth.