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Content Collusion Club

Ceremony Content Collusion Club – A 30 Day Creative Writing Adventure


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Ceremony Content Collusion Club – A Creative Writing Adventure

This is an activity where you give a little to get A LOT.  That’s right – you will spend just 1 hour creating and submitting little snippets of ceremony writing content, such as ideas on how to warm the crowd, ring exchange intros and transitional wording.  You will offer up these items to your fellow attendees and, in return, we will collate them along with the submissions of ALL OTHER ATTENDEES and provide you with an entire electronic booklet of everyone’s writing magic!!


You’ll get over 300 examples for each of the following:


Supportive Elements

  • Couple’s Questionnaire Questions
  • Questions for Friends & Family


  • Grabbing the Crowd’s Attention
  • Getting the Crowd in a Hitching Mood
  • Housekeeping Tricks
  • Social Media/Unplugged Ceremony
  • Keeping the Crowd Alive


  • Killer Opening Lines
  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Wedding Party Introductions
  • Unique Couple Topics


  • Connecting With the Couple
  • Going Into and Exiting Readings
  • Certificate Signing Transitions
  • Saying Goodbye & Leaving the Event

Ceremony Content

  • Favourite Wording Magic
  • Introduction to Monitum/Rings/Vows
  • Pronouncing Them Married
  • Leading Up to/Announcing the Kiss
  • Honouring Those Away or Passed
  • Including Kids/Families/Pets
  • Including Guests
  • Acknowledging Marriage Equality
  • Unique Ceremony Content that Impacts

Readings, Rituals & Magic

  • Actually Awesome Readings for Every Theme
  • Ring Exchange Ideas
  • Handfasting Rituals
  • Tree Planting Ceremony
  • Modernised Sand Ceremony
  • Cocktail Ritual
  • Shoe Game
  • Crowd Vows
  • Ninja Vows
  • More


It’s been labelled as “the best ceremony resource EVER!

Here’s what some attendees have to say about it…



🦩‘Thank you so much for putting this together –  it’s seriously amazing! No exaggeration, it’s going to be the most useful resource EVER for writing future ceremonies.’ -Kate Kooper
🦩‘WOW! I’ve started looking into them and just wanted to say how bloody amazing you are. This is fantastic! I seriously do not know how you found time to do all of the work required to create these spreadsheets. Thank you so much for your complete awesomeness.’ -Belinda Tee
🦩‘Biggest brightest sparkling hugs for your time in producing such an inspirational resource.’ -Nicole Wood
🦩 ‘Golly gosh!! What an awesome collection of information. Thank you so very much!’ -Roger Buckley
🦩‘Holy guacamole! What an amazing resource!! I haven’t even looked through it all yet – thank you so much for putting this together, and to all the amazing celebrants who contributed to this. I am going to spend the weekend going through it all. Great idea! Well-done guys! This is Community over Competition at its absolute best. ‘ -Sarah Green
🦩‘This course and these docs now are amazing – a great place to start to see where I am, where I can improve and some inspiration! Thanks again – I can’t get over how incredible this group is that you created.’ -Shelley Amar
🦩 ‘So appreciative of this resource! I’m a super newbie to this wonderful and exciting world and this has got me so inspired!’ -El Watson
🦩‘Thank you so much for all your hard work. I feel so lucky to be part of TCS and have access to such amazing minds.’ -Stephanie Bardsley
🦩‘I’m so excited to curl up on the couch with a gin and grin my way through all these amazing responses.’ -Mem Ryan
🦩‘It is all like an endless glass of Rose… divine!! Thanks mumma bears. Christmas has come early.’ -Cath Philpott
🦩‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart to both of you for putting all the time and effort into this work, for us to benefit.’ -Jane Dawson
🦩‘Whilst I was having wine and reading some of the submissions I wanted to say ‘Thank you! It’s brilliant!” –Rebecca Cawood
🦩‘Thank you so much Anna Kate and Sarah  – and to all who contributed alongside me – for sharing this astonishingly helpful content! I can’t believe it.. it’s like a Fairy Godparents just threw magic dust over me.’ -Jen King

TCS Members get a whopping 20% discount for this workshop!!  To access this great discount, make sure you’re logged in when purchasing and use the discount code “CCCMemberTWS”