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Brain Tricks to Sell More

Neuromarketing – weird word, fun topic.  We promise.  

Dive into this science world of brain trick to influence buyers in sneaky and successful ways.  This 8 module course plays with science to help you sell more.  Literally.



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Let’s play with science.

Were you the kid (or adult) that was obsessed with that “Magic Eye” book where you could see hidden images on the page if you stared at it long enough?  I was.  Are you equally as obsessed as I am at figuring out those weird puzzles that Uncle Jeff gets in his Christmas stocking every year?

If this science trick stuff is doing something for you in your waters, then you’re in the right place.  This course was literally designed for your brain.  Here we get to delve into many of the tricks you can use to convert leads and sell ya stuff using sneaky science.
The 8 Modules Include:
  • Visual Tracking & eye gaze
  • Colours & how to use them
  • Decision Paralysis & guiding people to a decision
  • Loss Aversion & why people don’t want to miss out
  • “Anchoring” & the art of subconscious persuasion
  • Social proof & how to leverage it
  • Pricing & sneaky pricing tricks to appeal to buyers
  • Brain Tricks and extra bits of science selling magic
With a downloadable Guidebook and Workbook, this fun, easy and super interesting course will have you flipping your business on its head and injecting invisible tricks to snag sales in real time!