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Ben Ager’s Online Creative Writing Masterclass

Finally, the online version of Ben’s hugely popular full day workshop is here.


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Join Ben Ager as he delivers a beefed up, busted out, brilliantly expanded version of his hugely popular Polishing a Turd workshop.


This recorded version of Ben’s full day workshop will have you up close and personal with Ben, working on:

  • Learning how to make a ceremony template

  • Structuring the story
  • Writing at volume in the most effective and time economical way
  • How to keep your ceremonies fresh
  • + how to put it all into practice
  • followed by an invaluable bonus Q & A session.





Most of us have just come off of the busiest period we’ve ever had and have experienced a bit of burnout. We had to write at a higher capacity which took a lot of our time and perhaps we all became a little disillusioned with the process.



When you’re writing about love and relationships at that kind of capacity after a while it feels a bit repetitive and harder to believe each time you do it. (So insert this amazing course!)

We’ve been listening….Experienced celebrants are feeling like you’re a bit over it -we want to re-ignite those fires and get you excited again.



For newer celebrants we want to encourage you that you are not imposters in a flooded market, and that there is a way to structure the way you work to make things easier but no less creative.



For younger celebrants we want you to know that you are the way forward. That your voices are not to be shouted over with all our experience, but it is ultra important that we listen and learn from you- the exact opposite to what happened to us when we all first started doing this all those years ago.


The first component is all about the Couple’s Story. 
  • Structure of the couple’s story
  • How to make a story worth listening to
  • How to master the use of humour
  • Tips and Tricks from professional performers


The second component is all about The Ceremony. 
  • Warming up the crowd
  • Structuring the ceremony
  • Turning structure into a template
  • The myth of creativity
  • How to accumulate mastery
  • When you’re feeling in a rut


The third component is all about Polishing a Turd. 
  • When you’re given a really bad questionnaire
  • How to get more information
  • Reasons that you may have to work with nothing (and how to do it)
  • Many more fun and unique tips and tricks





“This structure allows me to cover stuff I have already covered in the previous presentation but in much better detail, supported with a process that should be workable for every celebrant regardless of the way in which they like to work.”




Today was so BRILLIANT! Such amazing content, great connection and so many shit hot tips from the AMAZING Ben Ager. Thank you so much to The Celebrant Society and The Wedding Society. – MARRYUSMICH_ 


I can hear Benedict Ager ‘s voice in my head whilst I’m writing my ceremonies and it’s a good thing. I always ‘thought’ my ceremonies were good, at least that’s the feedback I’ve always received, but since last week’s amazing workshop, my ceremonies have skyrocketed in quality. I just wrote one in 1.5 hours, and I gotta say it’s bloody damn good! Thank you Ben a million times over for sharing your skills with us and making us the best celebrants we can be. I feel so grateful. – Victoria Armstrong


Absolutely. Run, don’t walk if there is ever another opportunity to attend one of Ben Ager’s masterclasses in ceremony writing. I thought I was pretty good at writing ceremonies and I loved to spin little nuggets of niceness into a script. But then I hit a rut, right in time for this class. Boy, did it turn my process on its head. I learned how to craft a story, I learned how to hook an audience and I learned how to toe the line between theatre and not stealing the show. I learned a great deal just by listening not to what Ben said (but rest assured, I was glued to his every piece of advice) but how he said it. His spoken meter was nearly as important as the scripts he shared with us. Taking note of his use of pause, tone and speed I now see how to deliver a punchline so it actually lands. Honestly, I feel shit-hot now that I’ve been to Ben’s class and I think my couples are going to love what I bring to their day. – Yolande Szery


Absolutely, 100%, whole-heartedly agree!!! 😍👏👏 Ben Ager is the BEST! – Pat Haynes


A MASSIVE shout out to the crew for an exceptional Melbourne writing masterclass yesterday!! ThankYOU to Benedict Ager, Anna Kate, Sarah May Alexander, and Dee Wild for all of your hard work and good vibes, we all loved it!! Amazing content, amazing company and banter, and such a fun day for everyone! Loved it! – Rachael Calvert


I loved being inspired by Ben. We are polar opposites but I learnt so much from him. I find writing my scripts so more streamlined thanks to all his tips. The whole day was amazing. – Megan Muprhy


Ben Ager’s Creative Writing Workshop is a must for any celebrant, fresh or seasoned. He takes great care in sharing what he has learned over the years and teaches his content in a relatable and easy-to-understand way. Instead of teaching you to write like him, he encourages you to find your own voice through his experience of what works and what doesn’t. Attending this workshop was both affirming and eye-opening and I thoroughly recommend to anyone who is yet to benefit from his wisdom. – JC Storace


This was my first PD event as a celebrant and feel like I really lucked out. The day was excellent – Ben was so generous in his sharing, and I came away feeling excited to put my learnings into practice. – Katherine Lane


I got so much out of this workshop. As a celebrant of 11 years, and many glowing reviews, I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a lot I wasn’t already doing. However, I learned new skills, techniques and gained a refreshing new energy to put into my writing! Thank you Ben and the Celebrant Society! – Heidi Robertson