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We’re growing, we’re expanding and we’re excited to move forward with the right people to add a fresh and exciting dynamic to our already amazing community.

The Celebrant Society now has leaders to facilitate local catch ups,  assist members with their membership, and support everyone’s celebrancy journey.  We rely on these leaders to help maintain the important culture that makes our community what it is, so we’re super dedicated to ensuring that each TCS Leader can help run The Celebrant Society in the way that makes it so awesome.


TCS Leaders for each state or region are that state/region’s first point of contact for member related enquiries.  Leaders will then answer that member directly or refer them onto the appropriate TCS team member.

TCS Leaders are responsible for organising, promoting and facilitating 4 annual (1 x quarterly) catchups in their main local areas.  This includes casual coffee hangs, fun group activities or annual festive parties.

TCS admin are responsible for website admin, insurance, expenses and ticket sales for each event.

TCS Leaders contribute 3 blog entries per quarter (1 per month), whether that be from themselves, TCS members in their area, or other local wedding vendors in their community.

TCS Leaders contribute content for TCS social media posts and stories by keeping updated with local wedding news and events in their area.

Leaders ensure we are made aware of any awesome local weddings, events, news and industry updates.

TCS Leaders are moderators of the TCS Members Facebook Forum and are responsible for monitoring conversations within the forum, particularly in relation to their own local members.

Leaders are active participants within the forum and assist with advice, support and encouragement within conversations.

TCS Leaders submit a short, general update to us for inclusion in each Newsletter, as well as news of any upcoming events for that month.

TCS Leaders all meet together with the TCS Team monthly over Zoom to share virtual cocktails or mocktails, updates, feedback and accomplishments.

This meeting also helps us to collaborate, create and plan the upcoming month for members together.

TCS Leaders use their local networking to promote The Celebrant Society and The Wedding Society Directory to increase our membership base and maximise their Leader profits.


TCS Leaders collect a tasty percentage for every TCS member sign up or renewal in their state/territory/region over their 12 month contract, paid monthly.

TCS Leaders are the face of their state and the go-to person for a large component of the TCS membership.

TCS Leaders help TCS to thrive by collaborating with us to provide for what it is that local members want or need from their membership.

Leaders play an active & significant part in shaping the culture of the celebrancy industry and contributing in a major way to its future direction.  We trust our leaders to use their own creativity and professional ideas to grow TCS in new and exciting ways.

TCS Leaders are our go-to people to help facilitate larger scale events such as national Soirées and Conferences, which generate an additional commission.  

Sound like your fine self?

We are currently seeking TCS Leaders for the following areas:


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