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Johanna Kate

Well, hey there you brilliant human!

My name is Johanna but most people call me Anna.

I am a massive Change Advocate, Leadership Manager, lover of kindness, and supporter of a better way to treat each other.

​After spending 10 years as a nurse, teaching graduate nursing staff and helping to coordinate 20 operating theatres, I pivoted (what a buzzword, huh?) my Masters Degree in Change Management to help implement a huge industry shift in Australian celebrancy.

​When I’m not gunning for Community Over Competition, I am spending my spare time being equal parts science geek and spiritual hippy. Yeah, that phrase can confuse a lot of absolute thinkers, but I assure you that I am not one of them. If you are, I’m probs not for you.

​I also live on a hobby farm with my beautiful husband and our even beautifuller son. And beautifullerer dogs.

The creds to back up my smack talk: