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QLD Local Leader - Roxy

Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Friday, February 17, 2023

Do you wonder how to find non-wedding content for your social media?
Do you want to have a library of photos of you ‘out and about’?
Come join a Social Media Scavenger Hunt!
What will this involve:
– Brief introduction to social media
– Brainstorming of social media content ideas
– You will then be paired up to go out and about in central Brisbane to find opportunities to take these photos
What you’ll need to bring:
– A phone with a camera and access to Instagram
– Shoes which you are comfortable walking around in
– Umbrella, sunscreen, a hat
– Any props you might like to use in your social media photos
– Cash to cover costs of venue (TBC once I know number of attendees)
– Notepad and pen (if you’re old school) or a laptop

You can find and RSVP to this event via the scheduled Facebook Event. Can’t Find it? Email Roxy directly at