Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle



PLEASE NOTE: Our product will have The Celebrant Society logo

Everyone who knows Anna & Sarah know that they love a good crystal, and so it seems only fitting that they share that love with you.  This glass and bamboo water bottle houses a beautiful rose crystal in its centre, to supercharge your water with happy vibes.


ROSE QUARTZ symbolises:
Self Love. Unconditional Love. Romance. Compassion.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, holding romantic energy to open your heart chakra, allowing you more love in your life. (And it just seemed to suit us as celebrants, being the stone of love.)

Helps to attract more harmonious, loving, caring relationships. Enhancing self love and compassion.

Enhance your daily water, by enjoying your life source energised by Rose Quartz


TCS Crystal water bottles are approximately 550ml. As crystals are a natural product, each crystal may be a slightly different size and take up more or less room in the bottle.

Our bottles are Borosilicate glass, which is less subject to thermal stress then other glasses. The lid and base is made of sustainable bamboo. The crystal is held in place with stainless wire. The crystal is a natural gemstone. Crystals are a natural resource and colours may vary.

($RRP is normally $117 as sold at Free People)

We put thoughtful consideration into designing products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.