Adelaide - Creative Writing Workshop

Thursday August 11th,   9am-5pm
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Join Ben Ager as he delivers a beefed up, busted out, brilliantly expanded version of his hugely popular Polishing a Turd workshop.


This 1 day event will have you up close and personal with Ben, working on:

  • Learning how to make a ceremony template

  • Structuring the story
  • Writing at volume in the most effective and time economical way
  • How to keep your ceremonies fresh
  • + how to put it all into practice
  • followed by an invaluable Q & A session.






  • Headshots…..Get professional head shots taken by an incredible photographer and enjoy a meet & greet with hot coffee.


  • The full day workshop.… Specifically designed for celebrants offering a bunch of helpful writing hacks, but more importantly a way to refresh your soul and lift you out of the funk. Learn to write next level, how to productively create templates and add a real WOW factor to your ceremony writing.


  • Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea All attendees are welcome to join us after for Dinner & Drinks… If there’s one thing we do well at TCS its a good afterparty. So attendees will be able to kick up their heels for a good shin dig full of networking, fun and laughter.





Most of us have just come off of the busiest period we’ve ever had and have experienced a bit of burnout. We had to write at a higher capacity which took a lot of our time and perhaps we all became a little disillusioned with the process.



When you’re writing about love and relationships at that kind of capacity after a while it feels a bit repetitive and harder to believe each time you do it. (So insert this amazing course!)

We’ve been listening….Experienced celebrants are feeling like you’re a bit over it -we want to re-ignite those fires and get you excited again.



For newer celebrants we want to encourage you that you are not imposters in a flooded market, and that there is a way to structure the way you work to make things easier but no less creative.



For younger celebrants we want you to know that you are the way forward. That your voices are not to be shouted over with all our experience, but it is ultra important that we listen and learn from you- the exact opposite to what happened to us when we all first started doing this all those years ago.



These workshops will be capped to ensure all participates get special attention and therefore learn to take their writing skills to the very next level.



We really hope you’ll be able to join us for our most intense writing course ever and take your ceremonies to the next level. See you in your closest city… or feel free to fly around and meet us somewhere new for a fully tax deductible learning experience!






“This structure allows me to cover stuff I have already covered in the previous presentation but in much better detail, supported with a process that should be workable for every celebrant regardless of the way in which they like to work.”

The first two hours are going to be all about Structure. 
  • Structure of the couples story
  • Structure of the whole ceremony
  • Writing with limited information – Polishing a Turd
Small Q&A about what we have covered so far.





The Myth of Creativity – Tackling the fear of writing creatively, includes tips and fail-safes about writing creative stories and the difference between “Providing information” and “Telling a Story”

  • This section really deals with the discipline of writing in depth and how to go above and beyond with your own self-expectations.


Simplifying the Process 

  • This final section is a workable guide on how to write smarter, not harder using demonstrations on writing the lion’s share of a ceremony using my current system.



PLEASE NOTE: This event will be dependent on minimum numbers in attendance.  If minimum numbers are not met by July 17, we will cancel the event and provide full refunds to all ticket holders.