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How to Vow Series


I know it’s hard. It might feel like nothing you can come up with will be special enough, ‘big’
enough. You might not be keen about public speaking, and the thought of sharing your
innermost feelings might be giving you stage-fright. I reckon I am rather good at this stuff (I
should be right?!) but the thought of writing personal vows to my husband (again) instils a
little fear in the pit of my stomach. Trying to find the perfect balance of funny, authentic, and
meaningful is so tricky. I’m here to make it easier for you.

A few things to take the pressure off before we get started:

  • Trust me, everyone finds this bit hard.
  • Being reluctant to write your vows doesn’t mean you don’t love the person you’re
  • marrying!
  • It might seem daunting, but you really can do no wrong. Everyone is on your team
  • when you’re reading out your vows.
  • There are no rules.
  • Words can never fully express how you feel about them, so cut yourself a break.
Celebrant Hitched by Hannah with Amy and Bryan, Photo by Sammy Neale from Flower and Foxx Photography


Get a fresh piece of paper, or open a new word doc, or the notes app on your phone, as it’s
time to get started. Let’s shake off that writers’ block by asking you a few questions. When
you answer these questions, I want you to be specific. Don’t be too light on, I want some
detail. Also, keep it real and don’t make it all lovey-dovey, we all know life isn’t all sunshine
and rainbows. You might like to answer one question seriously, then go light-hearted with
the next. Balance is good!

  • What was your first impression?
  • When did you know you wanted to be together forever?
  • What do you want to improve in yourself, to make you better for your other half?
  • What are the little things they do for you that bring you joy?
  • What have you learned because of them?
  • Have you experienced any challenges together?
  • What inspires you about them?
  • How do you enjoy spending a weekend together?
  • What does the future look like for you?
  • Why do you want to get married?
  • What opinions, goals, values do you share?
  • What have you overcome together?
  • What have you loved learning about them?
  • What special quirk do you love about them?
  • What annoying quirk do you forgive them for?
Diana and Chris, Photo by Alexandra Orme

If you’ve answered all the above questions you have done the hardest part –
congratulations! Use this, and pick the bits which stand out and give the best insight into how you feel about your nearly-newly wed. These are the parts you want to give airtime in your

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Author Bio

Hannah Noller

Hannah is The Celebrant Society’s local leader for Canberra and surrounds. She’s been making marriages since 2014 and prides herself on upping the ante every time she grabs the microphone. She’s well known for her willingness to push boundaries and take ceremonies to the next level, she’s got a Mary Poppins Bag full of tricks! Her enthusiasm is contagious and she’s likely to be more excited about your wedding than you are. She has presented at three of our conferences, always reaches out to newbies to offer a helping hand, and loves coffee dates with Celebs, new and old, to talk all things weddings and how we can do better as business owners.

She sees that celebrancy is so much more than it used to be, we can create with more flexibility than ever before and make it so much more meaningful (and fun!!) Hannah believes our experience and expertise can make or break someone’s special day and is so excited about what the future holds for this industry.